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Storage doesn’t have to be ordinary-in fact- it most certainly shouldn’t be.  Allow us to inspire you with these ideas and tips to free up some space in your home, the fashionable way.

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A stylish remedy for an overflowing closet is a decorative ladder. Old or new, reinvent the stairway to storage. Especially friendly to heels, this is a great solution to making some extra closet space.

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While out on your morning run, take that fallen branch that blocked your way, paint it and suspend it in a space for eye-catching fashionable storage.  Just like that you have a piece that is as artful as it is functional.

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Contain the clutter. This is our mantra. For inspiration on how to revamp your existing storage space, we show you how to reinvent your wooden cupboards.

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Compiled by Xandri Redelinghuys