Mexican-inspired food is loved the world over, and that’s especially true in in Cape Town, where we have a bustling and inspiring food scene. And while we’ll always those many-coursed, fine dining meals, the popular food trend now is this concept of fast food, done well using the best ingredients possible.

One such brand who have mastered this is Tortilla Modern Mexican, who have always used fresh ingredients to create delicious and wholesome food since day one. DECO caught up with MD Callan Williamson to discuss the exciting changes that have been made, and what we can look forward to.

Talk a bit about the concept behind Tortilla? Has that concept changed at all with the expansion?

The concept is everything with Tortilla – it’s something I am extremely passionate about and is based on a very simple insight. Keep what we love about fast-food, which is the speed and convenience but change what we hate, which is the lower quality products the big chains serve. Simply put we aim to fix fast food (using #fixfastfood as one of our main tags) by serving high-quality food at fast food speeds. Throw in our super friendly service and modern stores (USB charge points and wifi) and we think we have an offering that is more aligned with today’s consumers’ needs.

When did the second location open? How did you know it was time to expand?

The second location opened in October 2017 in Sea Point at the vibrant Mojo Market. Since opening, we have served over 35 000 burritos (or smiles depending what you measuring) It has been great as it has allowed us to test our product over weekends (hangover burrito or post yoga carb-free bowl anyone?) – where our original store in the CBD has always only traded weekdays. We knew we needed to expand to continue on our mission of fixing fast-food in South Africa. It’s a big task but it is something we think is important enough to accomplish!

Has the menu changed at all in the new space?

We have added some new meals like the famous quesadilla (Mexican toasted fold-over) and our soft shell corn tacos but the core ingredients (and our secret ‘Tortilla Familia Recipes’) have remained exactly the same since the beginning.


What else can we look forward to from the Tortilla Modern Mexican group?

Very exciting news is ahead – as mentioned we have a long way to go before we can say fully we have fixed fast-food. We will move mountains to achieve this goal. The next step on our journey will see us expand into two of Cape Town’s iconic shopping malls – namely the V&A Waterfront and Cavendish Square. We can’t wait to make more smiles (and burritos) by serving the freshest, tastiest Mexican food possible!

Photography: Lauren Brits