It only comes around once a year… Father’s Day is this Sunday, 19 June, and if you haven’t bought your dad a gift yet, get yourselves to the nearest shop, quick-sticks! We’ve rounded up the best gifts out there – from a coffee maker to a great one-of-a-kind tie – to suit any kind of budget. And remember, if you can’t afford a gift this year, nothing says ‘I love you’ like a handmade card.

1. Bodum coffee plunger from yuppiechef. 2. Joe Paine bird feeder from Doktor and Misses. 3. Vintage bicycle from Woodstock Cycleworks. 4. Great coffee table books from Old Faithful Shop. 5. Walkie talkies from Cape Union Mart. 6. One-of-a-kind ties from Good Heavens. 7. Stationery from svpply. 8. Stelton Jug from Brompton Cross. 9. Antique clock from svpply. 10. iPod cover from Matblac. 11. A great shave from Barnet Fiar. 12. Organic chocolate from Honest. 13. Inventory and Monocle magazines from Loading Bay. 14. Father’s Day inspiration from Old Faithful Shop.