Field Experiments, a collaborative design project, celebrates Balinese traditional craft.

Three designers from around the world have come together on a project in Bali that takes local craftsmanship to a new level. With limited edition product ranges and workshops, Field Experiments generates new ways of designing & creating.



Field Experiments was launched in 2013 by Benjamin Harrison Bryant (New York), Paul Marcus Fuog (Melbourne) and Karim Charlebois-Zariffa (Montreal). The project is the culmination of four years of collective research – Bryant, Fuog and Zariffa each spent two years in Ubud since 2009 building relationships with local craftspeople.

The inaugural ‘field project’ was conducted over three months and resulted in a collection of more than 100 limited edition design objects – representing Balinese life and challenging the traditional souvenir. Separating their work into ACTION and OBSERVATION they collaborated with local stonemasons, woodcarvers, batik-makers, kite designers and painters. The trio also absorbed everyday Balinese life and documented commonplace objects, agricultural implements, traditional dress, and makeshift items from the local culture.

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  • Field Experiments is an ongoing research and development project that explores traditional crafts by engaging designers in collaborative making with local craftspeople in diverse regions around the world.
  • The project aims to produce products and ideas across multiple formats including furniture, clothing, video works, publications, exhibitions, interiors, installation and printed materials.
  • Field Experiments creates small-run limited edition products under its own brand and is also commissioned by others to create new projects and collaborative product ranges.
  • In addition, its activities include workshops and presentations to share learnings on new exploratory modes for experimental research and making.

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Bryant, Fuog and Zariffa recognize the importance of ‘shaking things up’ with gains to be made by exploring new ways of working, new models for collaboration and new environments for creating. They are reconnecting with how things are made working in partnership with highly skilled Balinese craftspeople to create a new collection of cultural artefacts. Even a simple process of experimenting with their collection of everyday objects became an amazing way to see things differently.

There are gains to be made by exploring new ways of working, new models for collaboration and new environments for creating.

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