Cape Town-based artist Leila Walter’s Monologue series of drawings expresses continuity between the lines and forms of cityscapes. The meditative detail of the 16 works, which document public spaces from various cities around the world, is an exercise in finding pause in the commonplace and noticing urban environmental details easily overlooked by the commuter or passerby. ‘As far as possible, I avoided obvious landmarks and facades,’ says Walter. ‘The drawings are architectural glimpses, awkward views from balconies, or stolen peeks through fences. They capture moments that I shared with these spaces.’

Another series of drawings make microscopic patterns into absorbing designs. ‘On the one hand I’m pedantically controlled and then on the other it’s all layers, expression and letting go of preciousness,’ says Walter. ‘Either way it comes down to time. I put a lot of hours into anything I do and it really has become an aesthetic of sorts.’

The Monologue series is currently on show at Chandler House in Cape Town.