Chef Peter Tempelhoff is bring a big-city dining experience to Cape Town’s Church Square and you’re invited to experience it first.

The sleepy Church Square in Cape Town’s CBD has not in recent memory had much to entertain especially after dark, but there have been some exciting developments lately – Sea Point’s Kleinsky’s Delicatessen have opened a much welcomed second branch and Victoire Bakeries, a French patisserie, has opened on the ground floor of the newly renovated Speakers’ Corner building.

If you’ve been down to the area lately, you might have noticed a steel and glass structure emerging from the roof of Speakers’ Corner. This glazed cube is soon to be the home of Peter Tempelhoff’s FYN restaurant.

Peter Tempelhoff, Ashley Moss & Jennifer Hugé

Tempelhoff’s inspiration for the restaurant is the Big Apple’s Lower Manhattan, but with sweeping views of Table Mountain and Lion’s Head and Tempelhoff’s passion for local ingredients we know that this new restaurant will also have a uniquely South African edge – it’s in the name after all.

There’ll also be some fine dining heavyweights joining the team – Executive chef Ashley Moss, Tempelhoff’s head chef at Greenhouse will take the reigns in the kitchen and Jennifer Hugé, La Colombe’s longstanding restaurant manager, will be FYN’s general manager.

Jennifer Hugé, Peter Tempelhoff and Ashley Moss

At this stage the finer details are under lock-and-key, but if you’re intrigued about dining in a space with a brand-new vista of the city and tasting a menu by one of South Africa’s most celebrated chefs, then FYN is offering you a chance to be the first in when the restaurant opens at the end of November.

Simply sign up to FYN’s exclusive list to get a preferential booking.

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