Scandinavian furniture house IKEA launched their PS 2012 Collection in a big innovated warehouse at Ventura Lambrate at the Milan Design Fair this year.

For the IKEA PS 2012 collection, IKEA gave 19 designers the task of reviving ideas, memories, thoughts, shapes and products of the past and translating them into the future, inspired by 60+ years of IKEA history. Materiality was also reconsidered, introducing such materials as Bamboo, PET recycled plastic and compound wood plastic composite.  Their slogan, Design belongs in real homes, hit home for a big audience, and is an innovative response to  the current economic climate.

Plant Stand by Nicolas Cortolezzis is a mobile garden that lets you grow plants indoors and vertically. It can also double up as a green room divider.  (above)


The Easy Chair by Wiebke Braasch  is an updated version of the 1950s classic. Keeping only the original metal frame and using one material through-out turned it into a new chair for both indoor and outdoor usage . (above)

Bowl by Marcus Arvonen is an attractive green bowl into which you wish you could put all your pencils into. Although perceived as plastic, it’s actually made from wood plastic composite, a more environmentally friendly material to produce. (above)

Chest of drawers by Ehlen Johansson is a cheeky cabinet designed in pine wood, inspired by the long standing relationship of IKEA with the material. (above)

Apart from the PS 2012 collection, the IKEA warehouse also had a big colourful selection of new textiles on display, next to a cafe at the heart of the exhibition. This created a great informal atmosphere and a constant flow of people. The place was buzzing. (below)

To find out more about all the designs, visit PS 2012 – IKEA or IKEA PS AT HOME, where people upload photos of their own homes and spaces, filled with pieces from the collection.

(Photos + Text : Renée Rossouw)