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The Fixperts project connects people. People that are good at thinking and making are invited to meet and help someone they don’t know with a day-to-day problem that has been frustrating or difficult for them to overcome.  A film is made: capturing the story of the fix. 

Fixperts is a social project. An open knowledge sharing platform. It is about everyone feeling that they can fix stuff and solve problems.


We believe that the design process applied to small fixing challenges has the potential to give people the insight and confidence to find solutions for themselves and others.

Fixperts | Elle Decoration South Africa

How do you get involved?

You need to be part of a team that includes:
A designer or maker, we call them Fixperts. These are lovely people that want to apply their imagination and skill to solve a problem through fixing.
A story teller, we call them the Fixfilm-makers. These lovely people capture the process and translate the conversations and experiments into a mini documentary to share the journey with others.
and of course
Someone with a fixing challenge, we call them the Fixpartners. These lovely people are happy to invite a Fixpert into their lives.
To get started, download a guide or simply register with

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