Planning a trip to any flea markets or vintage stores this weekend? Take a dose of inspiration from Italian designer Gianluca Gimini and his Totemism project, created as homage to the works of renowned architect and designer Ettore Sottsass.

Each totem Gianluca made was sourced from single visits to flea markets, and the pieces created are made from objects randomly available on that day.

Flea Market Totetism | Elle Decoration South Africa
Flea Market Totemism | Gianluca Gimini

His intent was to show added value – to these items of little monetary value – through a simple design operation in terms of grouping colourful stacks of compatible objects in size, shape and colour to create the totems. The photographed statues were then exhibited and made available as a range of prints.

The assembled totems should be perceived as something much more valuable than the mere sum of their valueless single parts’
Compiled by Marushka Stipinovich