Isabel Wilson Loft Plants

A cross pollination of colour, prints and patterns, decorating with florals is bold and beautiful. The Focus section of our DECORATING Issue (on shelf now) illustrates how plants bring the beauty of nature indoors. Whether it’s floral prints or living flora and plants, horticulture is an art that deserves exploration.

We’ve stumbled upon some beautiful botanical images, some delicate, some daring, but all creating depth. Sculptural, unexpected, constantly growing, changing and shape shifting, botanicals never cease to excite and intrigue.

Glithero blue ware tiles

Glithero blue ware tiles use the age-old preserving technique. Humble weeds of inner London borough pavements are pressed, dried and then placed between plates of glass that function like photographic negatives. Working with light sensitive chemicals, the plates and tiles are then exposed under ultra violet light, which develops a photogram of the specimens in intense Prussian blue. What remains is a crisp white silhouette of the specimens, creating intricate floral designs of the subjects from root to tip.

Image from UK site house to home
Image: we heart it
Image: creamylife

We love botanical wallpaper, prints and fabrics – so much so that we put all of them together – so go to the new issue and see how we did it!

Posted By Zarah Cassim & Kat Scriven