Amy Merrick

This week’s floral inspiration comes courtesy of renowned floral stylist and writer Amy Merrick. This New Yorker has worked with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Kinfolk and the Today Show.

Amy Merrick Shooting with Kinfolk
Amy Merrick Shooting with Kinfolk

Amy creates hauntingly beautiful arrangements from flowers, foliage, fruits and branches. Often gathering materials from the surrounding landscapes.

Amy Merrick floral arrangement
Amy Merrick Floral Arrangement


“My parents are fantastic gardeners and very hippie/nature-centric, so being outdoors was a huge part of my childhood. I moved to New York to go to school and after a few years there I really started to mourn the loss of a natural connection.”

Amy felt as if she had ended an important part of her life, and found an internship at a florist. This was not a career move at the time, merely her trying to fill a void. The future is looking exciting for Amy as she is teaching more, writing more and pushing the boundaries of flower photography.

Floral styling by Amy Merrick
Amy Merrick Floral Styling

Looking for an innovative florist, South Africa is overflowing with green thumbs ready for any floral challenge. Here are a few of we have found:

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Compiled by: Sanri Pienaar