Be sure to diarise the Food/Wine/Design show, coming up in Joburg on 26-28 November. ELLE Decoration got the scoop on this on the premium shopping event from Source’ s Trevyn McGowan, who is curating the design segment of the show. We asked Trevyn more about it:

What makes the Food/Wine/Design Fair different?
Artlogic, who does an excellent job running the Joburg Art Fair, has partnered with three strong forces in their own right:

Source, who will curate the design section; the Neighbourgoods Market (specifically, Justin Rhodes), who is curating the food section; and wine writer Neil Pendock, who’ ll oversee the wine section.


It’ s about creating a convivial atmosphere – enjoying a glass of wine and eating something while you shop. It’ s not in a normal design fair environment either – the space at the
Hyde Park Shopping Centre is going to feel very beautiful and unique. There’ ll be changing rooms for people to try on clothes. You will want to sit down and enjoy
yourself, not rush in and rush out.


Why Joburg?
One of the aims of the fair is to introduce Joburg people to many of the smaller makers and artisans that are based in and around Cape Town. Visitors will get to meet
the designers and see their full range as opposed to just the few items that they may be represented by at shops in Joburg.

Can you give us a sneak preview of what people can expect to see?
It’ s a personally handpicked selection of some of the best design in SA – wooden vessels and pedestals from One Good Turn; ceramics from Di Marshall, Ardmore,
Micky Haigh and Ceramic Matters; furniture by Haldane Martin, Animal Farm, Pedersen and Lennard, Cornelius Lemmer, Notion Architects, Casamento, John
Vogel, Koop, the list goes on… people who work with textiles, decorative items, jewellery, fashion, lighting, glass, toys – a broad spectrum.

What were your criteria for selection designers and products to include?

With everything I do, it’ s about ‘ What do I personally like?’ , not about what’ s commercial or ‘ How do I fill this space?’ . So I look for what I think will make a
beautiful assortment of products, who’ s authentic, unique and different… Everything at the fair has to be something that I would want to own – from handcrafted items to
sophisticated, contemporary design. I would like people to have a brilliant time at the fair, spend a long time looking at everything, sit down and have lunch together, have
something to drink and just enjoy themselves.

Any new products we should watch out for?
Boardman’ s will be showing new items in its ‘ Welcome Home’ collection, including new glassware that is a collaboration between chef Reuben Riffel and Ngwenya



Read more about this event to remember at the Food/Wine/Design website.