As children, we all created little worlds of our own, from blanket forts in the living room to wooden teepees outdoors. The grown-up version of this creative form of expression is Fort Makers, a collaborative art project co-founded by Brooklynites Nana Spear, Naomi Clark and Noah James Spencer in 2008. We came across them in New York magazine’s report about the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, held earlier this month in Manhattan.

Their first project involved scouring the web and vintage stores for old woollen camping blankets that they then cut, re-dyed and re-quilted. Another project, ‘The Scarf Programme’, blurs the boundaries between art and fashion, with beautiful textiles that are as easily hung on your wall as draped around your neck.

More recently, artist Naomi and Nana teamed up with fashion designer Lauren Nevada to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces for ‘The Dress Project’, a collection of zesty, hand-painted dresses in bright silks and cottons.

As you would expect for this playful group of artists, their studio is a quirky, lively space full of creative activity.

In the ‘Leave It to Beaver’ set, furniture designer Noah uses linear and organic forms melded together to create furniture that is both functional and sculptural.  Afterwards, Noah chisels, saws and scrapes the wooden surfaces, a process he likens to “gnawing”.

We can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next!