Our editor describes our latest #AfricaIssue as a victory! Not only because we share our incredible vision for the future of design in Africa, but because we managed to convince some awesome creatives to get on board and collaborate with us. One of which was our new favourite band African Rhythm Production…

African Rhythm featured in DECO’s T.I.A shoot. All images by: The Seppis

It all started when DECO’s art director Marushka, came screaming into the office one morning, having just discovered a YouTube clip of the ‘most amazing band ever’. We proceeded to stalk them on Facebook, as one does, and within a week we had hustled the nine member band from Pretoria to Cape Town, to star as the protagonists in our T.I.A feature story. What an experience.

“Our daily hustle and our backgrounds keep us inspired.”

I cannot begin to explain the extraordinary innate panache that these cool cats radiate; from their music, to their fashion sense and general attitude to life… safe to say I have a proper crush. – Bielle Bellingham

“Our bond is so strong and we work as team to achieve our dreams, pushing ourselves to the extreme.”

Since their videos went viral, African Rhythm has snowballed into new opportunities. With their very unique, some-what healing sound the percussion band performs a combination of Afro Soul and Tribal House music. Haillng from Krugersdorp, South Africa the stylish nine members have been friends for ten years and couldn’t resist their natural desire to dance make music and don the hippest fashion whilst doing it. Think we’re exaggerating? See for yourself below, and don’t forget to get the latest ELLE Decoration #AfricaIssue to see more of our T.I.A shoot.

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