Free Downloads

We’ve got loads of free stuff for you, and we’re adding more all the time!

Please note: All downloads on this page are for personal use only, not for re-sale or for use in commercial projects or products.


Download Classic Willow Pattern wallpaper here.

Download Big City, Man Flag, Scandinavian Pink Sea and Take Away to the Sea gift cards, by Cape Town based architect and artist-designer Renee Rossouw here.

Download Rain, Cream Rain, Tapestry, Heart, Pink Heart, Triangles and Triangles 2 wallpaper by designer and illustrator Jenna Skead

Download Adventure Wallpaper, Fruit Wallpaper, Kitchen Wallpaper and Workshop Wallpaper by artist Richard Moir aka Ninjabreadboy

Download this aeroplane mural as seen in ‘The Room’ supplement of our latest issue

Download a stencil of this symbol for your wall

Download a FREE template of a map as wall art


Download paint templates from The Room here: graphic cabinet and pixelated floor.


Download printables gift tags, posters, wrapping paper and cards here.

Download our custom-designed stencils here.