Download DECO’s custom-designed stencils here.

Issue 72: Cutout silhouettes
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Issue 65: Cutlery Stencils

Issue 63: Animal and abstract stencils
Click here to see how artist Conrad Botes used animal stencils in his daughter’s room, and then download his fabulous poodle stencil by clicking the image below.

In a second project, we were inspired by Earthcote Paints to create this abstract stencil. Download it for yourself by clicking the image below:

Issue 62 – Mirror stencil

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to re-create this look dreamed up by our stylist, Tracy Lynch.


Step 1: Download the mirror stencils (in PDF format in the links below), and print them out to size. You may need to enlarge them on a photocopier

Mirror Stencil 1

Mirror Stencil 2

Step 2: Cut out the stencils and stick them on stencil board with spray glue.

Step 3: Cut out the mirror shape with your craft knife (careful!)

Step 4: Use repositionable spray glue, attach the stencil boards to the wall and use a sponge roller to paint over, using acrylic wall paint.

Step 5: Hang a mirror inside your mirror stencilled on the wall, and enjoy romantic reflections.