In latest issue of ‘The Room’ — that’s the special supplement we produce for Freeworld Coatings — the creative genius of Crystal Birch, David West and Elaine du Plessis (the design talent behind Christopher Strong) was put to the test. Freeworld charged these three rising stars of South Africa’s fashion industry to transform discarded painters’ dropsheets into tailor-made fashion statements, illustrating the company’s eco-friendly credo.

Turn to page 4 of the Freeworld supplement (located at the back of ELLE DECORATION Issue 76) to see the full shoot.

The idea worked so well, that Christopher Strong designed a series of dresses in her impeccably tailored style for the opening of the Freeworld Design Centre on Cape Town’s Fan Walk (below).

At the show, models were made to look like mannequins in a make-believe fashion store window with a window dresser manipulating each mannequin until the set-up was perfect.  The imaginative set showcase the latest furniture and lighting by Liam Mooney.

See more photos of Christopher Strong’s dropsheet fashion from the opening on the Freeworld Design Centre blog here and here.