Editorial assistant, Julie Kenney, has the very first From the Team spot this year, with some of the things that have been catching her eye lately.

First up, the whimsical and practical Socket Deer from Japanese product design team, Nendo.  Deer use their antlers in self defense when charging a rival, but the Socket Deer is about another kind of ‘charging’ altogether. This electrical outlet cover is available with three different shapes of antler, and these allow you to rest your mobile phone while it charges. Cute!


And then, for absolute voyeurism and inspiration, take a visit to TheSelby.com. Todd Selby began the site in June 2008 by adding photographs that he took of his friends (mostly from New York’s fashion, art and design scene).

TheSelby 5_13_09_ChrisNemeth04340

The Selby5_11_09_Mayu_MaarED02956

His website was such a success that he began receiving up to 35 000 visitors daily with a string of requests for him to shoot fan’s homes. Within months, top companies from around the world began asking to collaborate with Todd and he received worldwide fame virtually overnight.

Two years on and Todd will be releasing his first book, The Selby is In Your Place. So get out your camera and start snapping – who knows what might happen?