Our editorial assistant Julie Kenney is back with another post for us, this time about one a new exhibition. Take it away, Julie!

Francois van Reenen, also known as Frank, is one of my favourite artists. I absolutely adore his sculptures and paintings depicting a fantastical world of characters, cuteness, humour, pale pink and blue (I am a 50’s collector myself!).

FvR Puppy_LoveFvR_VeryBored


Frank is showing his latest work in an exhibition entitled ‘Lucky Packet’ on at Salon 91 Gallery on Kloof Street, Cape Town. The fantastic attraction for any of his fans, other than his new artworks, is a raffle on the opening evening where 5 guests will win a collection of his work valued at R2000 each.

The exhibition opens on Wednesday, 4 November at 7.30pm and runs until the 28 November. Visit Frank’s website for more inspiration…