The DECO team hunts down good design absolutely everywhere, and this month, we tracked it down in a trailer park. To be more precise: we attended the media launch of the Old MacDaddy Trailer Hotel – a caravan park like you’ve never seen before. The brainchild of the bunch who created Daddy Longlegs and the Granddaddy hotels, Old Mac Daddy consists of 12 gleaming Airstream trailers in a beautiful Elgin valley.



Each Airstream has been decked out to theme, under the creative direction of Tracy Lynch by a diverse set of artists and designers, including our very own Julie Kenney (see below, in her For Better or for Boerewors caravan).


Alongside the hillside of stylish caravans, there’s also a villa and a barn in which all the happy campers may congregate, and all of this manages to come together in a mysterious and seductive mix of stylish chic and downright homey warmth.


Keep an eye out for the upcoming Spring Issue, on shelf on 9 September, where we’ll have lots, lots more about the Old MacDaddy caravan chic (and lots more about Julie Kenney’s caravan too!)