This week, our From the Team feature has editorial assistant Julie Kenney sharing some of her top picks for the week:

I’m kept pretty busy over here at the DECO offices, so I don’t have much time to surf the net. Fortunately, my sister Lana Kenney loves to blog, and so I get my daily dose of creative inspiration from her blog, Lanalou Style.


We have very similar tastes and she manages to collect the most beautiful images and lots of inspiring ideas. I don’t have time to surf the net so she does the hard work for me. I love her mood boards and she also takes great photos of her favourite destinations or shops.

Things I’ve spotted on the design scene lately include this amazing cabinet from a series by EnneZero, called Valentina, la donna è mobile. The graphics make it such a striking object, and I can imagine it being placed in a great big industrial room with nothing else as the focal point.


One of my favourites at the moment is Spanish designer Jaime Hayon. He was crazy about street art in his teens and has flourished into the most dynamic artist/ designer with a reputation for putting fun before functionality. He has such humour and youth in his work, which spans genres, spilling across art, design and lifestyle.  I especially love his new-look bathroom units, and some of his more crazy work like his green chicken and robot men.

Hayon bath

Hayon chicken
Thanks for sharing your inspiration, Julie!