Psst! Exciting news for our blog: From tomorrow, we’ll be having a weekly post on all things interior, from the singular viewpoint of SA style and trends guru, Neville Trickett, who also keeps the always wonderful Saint Verde Digest.

I’m feeling lots of anticipation for this new feature, as I know it’s going to be somewhat out of the ordinary, so prepare yourselves for a weekly dose of something unexpected, and in the meantime, get some of the who-why-what on Neville by reading this interview on sfgirlbybay.

While we’ll be seeing more of Neville here, we’ll be hearing just a bit less from our correspondent from NYC, Kelly Berman. Kelly will be popping in now and again with her Report from NYC, but as her other projects take off, she’s stepping off the gas at DECO for a bit. Thanks for your always meticulously-researched and interesting weekly insights to your adopted city, Kelly!