In a world obsessed with beauty, we are sometimes way to eager to dismiss how interesting and captivating ‘Ugly’ can be. ‘Fugly’ is the newest exhibition In the Voorkamer at Chandler House, raising important questions on what we determine as beautiful: 

They have certainly given us something to think about: ‘Who defines what is ugly? Why are some conventionally-attractive people so unattractive – and why are some ugly people beautiful once we get to know them better? Does ugly really exist? My hope is that by questioning ugliness, we might just learn something about beauty itself.’ 

'F U G L Y' an exhibition in the Voorkamer

Michael Taylor ‘Flat Tyre’ Glazed Ceramic 26,5 x 23 x 6,5cm R2 800 / Nabeeha Mohamed ‘Feline Obsessions’ Oil on Canvas 52 x 72cm R7400

Ugly says more about the person using the word than the object they are trying to describe.
– Georgina Gratrix

'F U G L Y' an exhibition in the Voorkamer

Kate Arthur ‘A Hearty Good Fellow’ Oil on Canvas 45,5 x 30,5cm R2 800 / Mia Chaplin ‘An Outrageously Stunning Portrait of the Artist in All Her Splendour’ Oil on Canvas 40 x 30cm R8 500

'F U G L Y' an exhibition in the VoorkamerGeorgina Gratrix ‘A Good Man’ Oil on Board 40 x 30,5cm Price on Request / Clare Menck ‘Study in Lilac: Two ‘Pinheads’ in Dresses’ 2016 Etching Ink and Oil on Aluminium 34 x 29cm R9 000

‘Fugly’ now on show in the Voorkamer Gallery at Chandler House for the month of April. 

For all inquiries contact Chandler House at / 021 4244810


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