Lots of our readers will be back at work today, and you’re possibly feeling a little sorry for yourself. So to cheer you up, I’ve put together a few office accessories that will make take the ho-hum out of a day at work.

Nothing sounds more like getting down to work than the clackety clack racket a typewriter makes. Give your office a sound and colour pop with this genuine 1950s refurbished typewriter from Three Potato Four.

Engage in endless busywork as you juggle your diary with the Puzzle Calendar from Urban Outfitters.
On another level completely, this modular Daily System integrates high-tech devices seamlessly into your daily life. For instance, the Weekly Meal Planner organizes weekly plans for meals and groceries, while a digital frame slideshows up to 1,300 photos on a 6″ screen. Talk about getting organized!
Going down a notch or two, I think a caveat should accompany this Wildlife Tape Dispenser from Urban Outfitters: your boss isn’t likely to take you terribly seriously with this taking pride of place, so try injecting a spot of Bauhaus gravity with the Bourne desk lamp below, from Habitat.Work hard, everyone!