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Design Father. A man with a passion for design. A man to follow if you have any interest in anything creative. His name is Vissilas Lagios and we were curious to know what a day in the life of this creative guru would be. He was happy to tear himself away for a 5 minute Q&A with DECO.
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 Inspiration is the distillation of all the memories of your life, the things you saw, the sounds you heard. I can find inspiration everywhere even in things i hate like architectural noise or traffic jams in the morning” – Vissilas Lagios


We just love your outlook on design and inspiration. It makes your blog really inspirational for creatives. How does a day in the life of a blogger start for you?

Every day is full of research for the next feature on the site or the Facebook page. That’s one of the reasons that Design Father started in the first place. I wanted to wake up and get into the world of beautiful, smart and functional design, arts and photography. The second reason was to create a digital journal of various things I really like and, after many years, to show them to my children. That’s why I named it ‘Design Father’.

Style Guide on Design Father
Style Guide on Design Father

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

The biggest challenge is to keep up the quality of my content each and every day and have a clear and specific approach on what is appropriate to post or not. The selection process is very challenging, especially when it has to do with art projects

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Who are some of your favourite designers or artists?

The list can go one forever. I really love the work of Sir Jonathan Ive and Karim Rashid.

Karim Rashid

What do you hope to accomplish in the future in terms of your blog?

Future goals are to collaborate with even more contributors that have the same aesthetic interests as me and deliver quality content to even more people worldwide.

What would be your best advice for designers today?

Do your homework. There are so many so-called designers out there getting people used to mediocre design. Study and then study some more. Try to improve your design even if it is not in the brief and don’t do any work for free.


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