The look and feel of your office and desk space is one of the most important factors in feeling professional, happy and productive, according to a recent study by intel. Dreamy desks are one of our favourite things to style at DECO – time to get organised.

The look and feel of your working space is something that many people often don’t take in to consideration when looking for improvements in their productivity at work. Often, contentment is based purely on compensation, work relationships, tasks and security.

According to Intel, attention to light, colour and spatial planning are key to creating a organised, comfortable and effective work environment…



Natural light is always best. Place your desk near a window if possible but also keep the option of adjustable light. Having a small side lamp on your desk, especially in a space that has fluorescent lighting, can be useful when creating a comfortable work environment where you can be your most productive.

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We love how designer, Emily Henderson, has styled her work space with natural light, hanging plants and injecting plenty of gold accents into the decor. | Images via



Different colours in your work space can help you achieve different goals, and of course colour affects your mood – in turn influencing your productivity. Blue increases your mental stimulation and is great for methodical or meticulous careers where as yellow inspires and increases concentration – two key points to being successfully creative.

And, contrary to popular belief that white sets off an isolated and clinical feel, it actually creates an open and airy space, reflecting and emphasising natural light. To get organised, you can’t go wrong with white walls and furniture, no matter what your day involves.

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There’s no need to drown your working space from head to toe in bold colours such as yellow – creating a single accent wall or focal product is all you need to liven up your creative carrel. | Images via
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If you’re looking for more interesting ways to style your white office space, play with different textures such as marble and white washed wood | Images via and



Plants raise general alertness and productivity by 70% when strategically placed in a work space or on your desk. By helping the flow of oxygen in a room, plant life reduces fatigue and headaches – something that catches most of us towards the end of a work day. Winning choices for your space are areca palms, snake plants and lemon balms.

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Take cues from the Birkenstock HQ by using greenery as cubicle dividers | Images via



If you have a home office, it’s easier to make your work space comfortable in your own style but working in the corporate world from 9-5, seven days a week can become uninspiring. Adding fresh flowers, picture frames, small decor pieces or motivational posters can lift your mood on any bad day – whether you’re a designer, accountant or engineer.

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The more comfortable you feel in your work space, the happier you’ll be producing quality work. You can view the full infographic by Intel for even more tech and decor tips here. Get organised!

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