There is no collection more valuable than one’s magazine stash. Yes, we’re biased,  but that’s beside the point. Need a stylish storage solution for all your cherished copies  of ELLE Decoration? The ladies from Bofred, together with Composite Design,  have been kind enough to offer you one of their sleek black book bags, valued at R3100!


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2. Leave a comment below telling us to what extremes you would go to protect your latest copy of ELLE Decoration.

Competition ends 30 September 2015. Winners will be notified privately.

Elle Decoration SA
From left: Daphné Chair R4 800 / Christiaan Roux Photograph R4 500 / Miriam Pink R1 600 / Twins Mirror from R1 600 / Gogo Chairs R4 200 each

Established in 2014 as an online store, Bofred now have their very own brick and mortar space at 139 Albert Road Woodstock CPT. Be prepared to be blown away; with high industrial ceilings and raw brick walls, the store is quintessentially Woodstock and undeniably cool.

Bofred | Elle Decoration SA
Carla Erasmus / Landskap 3 R6,500.00 | Yellow Terrarium R850.00
DECO spent the afternoon with the girls to find out more…

Tell us more about Bofred?
We like to think of Bofred as an ever-evolving, carefully-curated space.

At the core of our collection lies an appreciation for beautiful things, which is reflected in the workmanship and care that goes into selecting and creating each item in our exclusive collection.

We also tend to rely on our own personal sense of style and inevitably find ourselves going back to the question: ‘Would I want this in my home?’

What you can offer home owners? We create ‘feature furniture’ and pride ourselves on offering clients original, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.

What are your most significant projects thus far? By collaborating with an inspiring organisation like ‘Sisters 4 Sisters’, we’re in the privileged position of not only getting to do what we love most (creating beautiful pieces), but also being able to support a great cause and contribute to the community.

What is your top decor idea at the moment?
Embracing bright and bold colour combinations.

Elle Decoration SA
From left: Finn Chairs R8 000 each / Moa Light R2 600 / Carla Erasmus Photograph R4 800 / Snow Throw R2 200 / Cushions R650 each

What material are you most interested in? We love working with marble, wood and thick woven wools, and enjoy the process of restoring and repurposing elements to create the new, unique pieces.

What is your dream commission? We would love to design pieces for a small, intimate café or any commission that allows us to work closely with a client to personalise a space.

What is our greatest asset as South African Designers? We are surrounded by an abundance of different cultures and influences. As designers, we’re in the perfect position to collaborate with other creatives and share skills within our broader community.

Who are you inspired by? We are inspired by the incredible works of artists like Cy Twombly and Erwin Olaf while our interiors are influenced by great designers such as Jacques Grange.

Bofred | Elle Decoration SA
Ben Chair R6,700.00 | Twins Mirror R1,600.00-R5,500.00 | Hans Chair R6 5000


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  1. My Elle Decoration collectable mags are just that…collectables…each one is displayed carefully on my coffee table to “show them off” as they should be:) and next to my bed in a special basket as my daily inspiration for dreams before heading off to sleep

  2. I keep ALL my Elle Decoration Magazines for posterity and future reference and I am sure that they would prefer to be housed in a classy Bofred rack!!!!!

  3. I stack them on the book shelf in my spare room… In date order of course! But I really need to keep them safer… I know I should share but I do not like the guests that stay in there having access to them.. I notice a few have gone missing 🙁

  4. To protect my latest copy of ELLE decoration… I will buy a classy white box frame, hang it on the wall in my living room with a lock of course and the key on my necklace around my neck! Should anyone wish to browse through my copy, they can only do so with my permission and in my presence so we can discuss all the wonderful content inside!!! So in love with everything Bofred!!

  5. The latest issue is always close at hand… my reading chair. The previous issues are kept on a shelf in my work space…for quick reference.

  6. My reading stuff is all over the show – next to my side of the bed and in the study next to my lazyboy, in the lounge. It could do with a beautiful rack like this

  7. I just bought my very first copy ever and I even tweeted you guys..that I’m getting a subscription!!So to protect my very first special copy..I will keep it on locked cabinet,where I keep all important stuff.i have a 3 year old who tears everything on I have to be extra vigilant.

  8. I might go as far as laminating my copy – great for protecting it from water and grubby hands, but maybe a little counter-productive to enjoying the great content.

  9. I keep mine on my night stand until I’ve fully finished the whole thing – then share it with clients at my music school waiting area. But I must be done first

  10. My copies of Elle Deco is individually placed neatly into a clear thick plastic packet that I specially purchased and then placed into a gift wrapped box . It now adds deco to my walk-in closet .

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