Occasionally I despair at the piles of paper on my desk, both because of the pending admin they represent, and because of the lack of tidy order. I’d like to think that if I had a suite of stylish office organisers like the ones you can find at Manufactum, my good-looking admin would become a joy to deal with too!


Love the triple-stack letter tray made of Beechwood. I suggest they get labelled “In tray”, “Out tray”, and “Party Invites” .


Get tottering piles of ELLE Decoration in order with this aluminium Collator, which can also be used standing on a desk.


The Pen roll is inspired by a surgeon’s emergency kit. Because when inspiration (to add up all the bills) strikes, you don’t want to be without a pen, do you?


Never, ever misplace another bill or chit, by using this handbound expanding folder. To avoid fights, you may need to draw straws over who gets to do the filing.


And offices aren’t all about work, they’re about parties too – or the preparation for them, anyway. This smart Paper Roll unit is perfect for storing rolls of wrapping paper, with a nifty top compartment for scissors and string. Fantastic!