For lots of us, today’s the first day back at work, and if you’re anything like me, a java jolt is needed to start the day, and even more so to start the year! So I’ve rounded up some coffee-related inspiration to get us all fired up and ready to tackle a new decade.

First up,¬† and sure to add a smile to a caffeine-deprived early-morning brain, there’s the orange ceramic Pura from La Cafeti√®re. It’s designed by Alison Appleton, and also available in chic matte black, for those not of a morning disposition.


For on-the-go caffeine addicts, the Handpresso could be nothing short of a lifesaver. From what I can gather (there’s a video to help you work it out), this little pump pressured machine will delivera handy shot of espresso wherever you may be. All you need is hot water, et voila!


Of course (I say “of course”, but actually, I didn’t know this before), the size, weight and density of your espresso cup is essential to enjoyment. Learn more by reading the CoffeeGeek‘s extensive opinion piece on the subject. He also alerted me to the the fact that Illy releases an Art Collection each year, that includes espresso sets designed by luminaries like Louise Bourgouis, Francis Ford Coppola and Jeff Koons. Amongst them is our very own William Kentridge, whose rather lovely mirrored design (below) was released in 2008. Visit the Illy Art Collection to see the rest.


While beans must be fresh, coffee machines can be as ancient as they come, and still manage deliver the goods. For fans of all things vintage and richly brewed, Sorrentina Coffee is the ticket. Visit the website to learn about the famous Atomic Coffee Machine, and then browse through the Sorrentina Coffee online shop for all manner of vintage coffee hardware.

Sorrentina machine


Happy 2010, readers. We hope you enjoy your morning coffee while reading the ELLE DECORATION blog every day this year.