Oh, do have a look at Sara Trickett’s ‘Book of the Week’: Visionaire Sun Beams, posted last week on itswhatiminto   A celebration of gilt and shimmer, every spread is beautiful and artful in the true sense of the word.

Brass Etch Pendant and Etch Web by Tom Dixon

Like we said last week, we’re enjoying seeing how metallics keep shining through and we’re fascinated by Tom Dixon’s astonishing new pendant light, the Etch Web (above right), with its unusual open structure. An irregular pentagon shape is repeated 60 times across the body to create a total sphere, making it the ultimate shadow play pendant. The Brass Etch Pendant, released by Dixon in 2011 is joined by the copper and stainless steel versions. This piece is digitally manufactured from metal, creating a mass of intricate shadows when lit. Coming to Crema Design soon-soon.