Introducing the new ‘show-home’, but not as you know it. Revealing that our homes are increasingly becoming showcases for cherished cultural experiences, South Africans today have divulged that enriching experiences are of far greater importance than the associated wealth and status of our possessions.

As testament to this finding, over one third of South Africans admit to purchasing a souvenir on their holiday and displaying it prominently in their home purely so that it will be noticed when socialising with others. In doing so, they hope to use it as an engaging talking point, providing them with the perfect introduction to tell their friends and family about their experiences.

It was revealed as part of a global trend report by leading paint brand Dulux, that 94% of South Africans would consider dedicating a specific part of their home to a personal hobby or experience. For example, a meditation corner, a space for painting or a shelving unit of holiday mementos, further highlighting the desire to discuss their experiences with those they welcome into their homes – the modern day show-home at its best!

Over half of South Africans reveal that the sentimental value of a possession is of primary importance to them, rather than because it projects a status of wealth. A key indicator that we are treating our homes as a canvas to illustrate enriching experiences, the research also suggests that South Africans today would much rather be perceived by those that peruse their homes as interesting, rather than rich or wealthy.

With South Africans’ homes seemingly serving as spaces to remind us of such experiences, it seems that experiences themselves are the modern day ‘luxury’ – a title previously held by fancy gadgets and expensive items.

The report from Dulux follows the announcement of its annual trend forecast, Colour Futures, which depicts key trends for the year ahead and one true Colour of the Year, ‘Steel Symphony 2’. Colour Futures has identified ‘Considered Luxury’ as a key trend for 2017, which is intended to capture a new way of living; a new consumerism in which value is placed on experience rather than possessions.


Sonica Bucksteg, Dulux brand manager says: “It’s clear to see that as a nation we are embracing a new way of consuming: buy less, choose well and make it last. Creating memories that are priceless is our priority as we look at the world with fresh eyes, adding experiences to our homes instead of possessions”. 

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**AkzoNobel used an independent online market research company, which surveyed 16,000 people across 16 markets globally between the ages of 18 and 75 (29th July 2016 – 24th August 2016).

Created by ELLE Decoration for Dulux