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In celebration of April being Earth month, ELLE Decoration and GROWbag are offering YOU a chance to get in touch with your inner eco-worrior. Seven lucky readers each stand the chance to win TWO GROWbags, valued at R370 each.

GROWbag is a unique planter that serves only one purpose, to fit into one’s life and any living space regardless of the size of your patio, balcony, driveway or wall and roof space.

As each planter bag is made from recycled billboard vinyl, each bag is unique in both colour and pattern, making it one-of-a-kind. Each GROWbag is handmade in Cape Town by skilled producers who pride themselves with quality work and ethics. The GROWbags are lightweight, the handles provide the flexibility needed to move or carry and the side pockets can be used for storage of gardening utensils.

GROWbag supports underprivileged communities of Cape Town: the profit of each GROWbag will go towards the production of planters to be donated to the families in communities in which Soil For Life is active.




1. To enter follow ELLE Decoration on Twitter @ELLE_Deco

2. Comment below telling us how you have gone green, or are going green this month.

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For more information on GROWbag, email or call 082 5757 050.

Competition closes May 8th. Winners will be notified via email.


  1. I have just moved into a new apartment and am so lucky to have a communal veggie garden as part of our apartment block. I am keeping all my organic waste and adding it towards the compost for the garden. I have also made a conscious decision to recycle properly and live a greener life.

  2. I’ll be planting some sweet peas this month, and clearing out the dead annuals on my balcony garden this weekend.

  3. Inspired and excited by no waste home ideas my family of 4 approached few new ideas – no shopping bags or packing, shopping locally, ALWAYS carry the glass water bottles refilled to decrease the need of casual buys of plastic bottled water. Clothes started to live their third or even n life – after they are no longer to be worn they are being turned into woven items and gift wrappings. Despite living on the desert we are growing our fresh produce. Mixing sand, organic waste and camel manure become fun. Hot sun dries out the fragile leaves so no green house can win the challenge so shades made from used and abandoned transport pallets- yes- another good upcycling. Now slowly approaching idea of building sustainable house.

  4. after years of planning we’re finally putting in a garden. i’m particularly excited that our girls will be able to literally take food from the earth straight to the table.

  5. Always recycling, don’t use plastic shopping bags, collect rain water, have a veggie garden with a compost pit……..list of a few things we do

  6. I’m busy giving my patio a new look. Everything is old and warn and new plant holders will be a great help with creating a green earthy look.

  7. I have gone green by starting my own veggie garden at home and at the office. I eventually want them to be so substantial that we don’t have to buy any veg at all. I have also started a recycling mission at our office.

  8. In preparation for ongoing loadshedding I’ve invested in rechargeable LED lighting to replace battery powered light and flashlights.

  9. We have started filtering our rainwater for drinking and throwing all our veggie peels and edible leftovers into a compost heap.

  10. We started a veggie garden at the start of the year, and it is totally organic and chemical free. We also use all all peels etc to make compost for the veggie patch 🙂 The circle of green life!

  11. Hello there,

    I have created a hydroponic plantation in my small Woodstock home’s backyard.
    At the moment I have 35 plants growing on a wall. These bags look fantastic! I would really love to have them in my garden. I have included my Instagram account ( to show you what I do most weekends, which is build new planting boxes for my backyard from recycled pallets.

    Andrew Macfarlane

  12. I’m busy building a vermicomposter to turn all those kitchen and garden scraps into plant food

  13. I’m going green by using all my veggie peels to feed my compost that grows some of my veggies in my garden. Plus I turn off all appliances at the wall socket if not in use.

  14. We have a veggie garden in our yard and are in the process of switching out all our garden lights to solar powered ones.

  15. I’ve re-started up my wormery (my friend I gave worms to in 2011 gave me back some as mine died).
    I’ve been re-cycling all my kitchen/bathroom water onto my plants (we have a serious drought happening!)
    I’ve been using my egg boxes soaked in water as mulch to conserve the water I do put onto my veges.
    I plant by the moon.
    I companion-plant my vegetables up so that “Nature sorts out the bugs and diseases.

  16. We have gone green in various ways, both recycling cans, plastic, newspaper we are also putting together a worm farm so we can create compost for our garden and also be able to throw away left over fruit and veg and it actually be used for something good, not just thrown in the bin

  17. Solar power is the way to go. Give thanks to our wonderful sun not to mentioned wind power – especially where we live in Cape Town!!

  18. I am green because I have my own herb/veggie garden so I can source herbs etc from there instead of buying from the shops that need to package the stuff in plastic etc.

  19. Hi Elle Decor!

    I’m a 20 year wold full-time student who’s a health fanatic! I have recently started my own veggie garden and have been a recycler since I was a little girl. I love the outdoors so much and which is why most of the time my windowsill looks like cactus heaven. I would be thrilled to get more involved in making my little home greener. The GrowBags look so authentic and beautiful and would make any home or garden look fresh and beautiful.

  20. I grow my own veggies and herbs, although my pumpkin was a bad idea this last season, it trailed over everything even our tree! So only harvested pumpkin out of the veggies, it’s a learning curb. As with my gutter downpipes, I have redirected them over my swimming pool. An idea if you have not been able to purchase a JoJo tank yet. I WOULD LOVE A GROW BAG!

  21. I had no idea where to start to be a greenie … until I read about this! Let’s do it ….. grow bags here we come!

  22. going green is the most healthiest and purest way to live ,i would love to implement this and encourage my kids to do so. i have just started my herbs and veggie garden,, hope it succeeds.

  23. Wow, great to see what you’ve all created and how much consciousness there is about going green! We are proud so many of you applied to win the Growbag planters – they are going to be distributed to the lucky winners shortly! Please support our project and spread the word: Thank you!

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