We’re happily obsessed with gold (Frauke Stegmann’s golden ceramics are to blame!), which is why we’re sharing this fantastic idea with you – the perfect Christmas decoration. In our latest Summer Issue of ELLE DECORATION we collaborated with five South African creatives to produce five unique feature walls, each representing their own style.

For photographer Antonia Steyn’s wall (above), Decor Editor Anna Loubser came up with the idea of using gold doilies (notice Antonia’s doily-inspired tattoo!), and coating them with a layer of Earthcote Frost.

DECO IDEA 1. Stick Chinese gold doilies to the wall with small strips of double-sided tape or spray-glue. 2. Using a wide brush, coat the doilies with Earthcote Frost. Make sure you’ve covered the whole surface. 3. The Frost paint will secure the doilies to the wall. TIP Before implementing your pattern, do a test on a small patch before doing a whole wall. Use a steal or plastic trowel to flatten and smooth out the Frost after applying it.

Jenny Mason, DECO contributor and Freeworld colour expert, spoke to Earthcote creative director Simon Fraser about the new Frost paint: “It was inspired by that whoosh of cold air that hits you when the Gatti icecream seller guy lifts the lid off his cart. I wondered how it might look if we added colour to the icy inside of the Gatti box, and that’s what we did. Frost is one of our products that we’re exporting to Europe and it’s becoming very popular in Amsterdam. It’s an opaque chrystalline layer that you spread on top of ordinary wall colour – then flatten with a trowel.” Visit Jenny’s blog Koekalooks to see her ‘Frost in December’ blog post, a wonderful take on this new product.

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