Going to church can be a spiritual gift as well as a visual one. These are some examples of exquisitely designed churches and chapels around the world.

The Leaf chapel, designed by Klein Dytham architecture, sits within the grounds of the Risonare hotel resort in Kobuchizawa, a refreshingly green setting with beautiful views to the southern Japanese Alps, Yatsugatuke peaks and Mt.Fuji.
I love how the white steel leaf, perforated with 4700 holes, each of which hold an acrylic lens, is similar to a bride’s veil made of delicate lace. Light filters through the lenses and projects a lace pattern onto the white fabric inside.

The interior of St. Bartholomew’s church was redesigned by Czech designer
Maxim Velcovsky. It is situated in the village of Chodovice, Eastern Bohemia.
The combination of modern design with old tradition is what makes this space successful and proves that design can be an integral part of religion.

Located in Finland in the Ostrobothnia region, this Scandanavian church was designed by JKMM Architects after winning a national competition . I love the light-filled open areas and organic loyalty created by using various choices of wood and playing with space.

Some call it controversial

Utrecht based architecture studio, ZECC transformed an old chapel into a beautiful open living space. Some call it controversial, but I think that the building rather reflects modern day respect and gratitude to old-age traditions and culture.

Amsterdam based architects, Merkx and Girod designed this spectacular bookshop in the space of an old church. Challenges were presented when trying to keep the original spirit and culture of the church as well as cater to the commercial market. The end result however, is flawlessly magnificant.