Good Night Market_Watershed
The V&A Waterfront's craft hub, the Watershed, comes alive after dark at the Good Night Market

This week at the Watershed, DECO checked out the Good Night Market – the new monthly late-night fun fest at the V&A Waterfront that opens up the home of Cape Town craft after the sun goes down.

Under cover of darkness, far away from the day-time bustle of the Watershed’s usual vibe, the artisanal hub of Cape Town’s craft market took on a whole new feeling. With our work done for the day, strolling through the stalls of local wares at a leisurely pace was a far more civilised experience than battling with buggies on the usual tourist-packed Saturday afternoon.

Accompanied by the toe-tapping sounds of Acoustic Element (more on them later), with a welcome glass of red in hand, there seemed a whole lot more to discover – not least 10and5’s curated photography exhibition Unordinary, which is what drew us to the Good Night Market in the first place.

Amidst all that was on offer, here are our top highlights…


1) Locally-crafted jewellery at Helon Melon

With a Woodstock studio in the Old Castle Brewery, local designer Helon Melon retails clothing, homeware, bags and accessories as well as sourcing in ranges from local brands. Like magpies, we were drawn to the glittering jewels lining the centre of the Watershed store.

Good Night Market_Helon Melon jewellery

Good Night Market_Helon Melon jewellery

Tempted by the night’s special offer (the majority of clothing & accessories retailers seemed to have a one-night-only offer brewing), DECO couldn’t help but walk away with a knuckle-dusting floral ring. You can find more about Helon Melon on her Facebook page.


2) Kilford Cement’s hand-painted vinyl records

Catching him busy at work, DECO dropped in on Kilford Cement and watched him paint for a while – a rare glimpse of inside the artist’s studio, the kind of experience that the Watershed sometimes affords those who explore its corners.

Good Night Market_Kilford Cement on vinyl

Good Night Market_Kilford Cement at work

With a studio based in Observatory, Kilford only turned professional within the last few years but has been painting since 2005. Creating images purely from his evidently vivid imagination, it wasn’t just the vibrant African scenes and Kilford’s bright colour palette that caught our eye, but his choice of canvas: Kilford has a whole specialist range painted on old vinyl records he finds in vintage stores. You can shop more of his stunning work online at the Kilford Cement gallery shop.

Good Night Market_Kilford Cement on canvas

Watch this space for more on Kilford Cement, coming up on soon.


3) Unordinary photography curated by 10and5

The event that drew us to the #GoodNightMarket initially, Unordinary is a collection of stolen moments from everyday life, caught on camera by talented creatives; some new to the scene, others more established.

Good Night Market_Unordinary photography exhibition by 10and5

© Andile Buka - from the 'Unordinary' exhibition at the Watershed, curated by 10and5
© Andile Buka – from the ‘Unordinary’ exhibition at the Watershed, curated by 10and5

From Matthew Bradley’s column of water, frozen in time draining through a plug, to Andile Buka’s mesmerising cityscape of rooftop hideaways and washing lines, the subjects were diverse and intriguing. The premise being that so much mundanity can go by unnoticed unless you stop, take a moment and view it from a different perspective. As the exhibition’s blurb says, reminding us to ‘look up look through, or look again’ – giving ourselves a second chance to reassess the relevance of a seemingly irrelevant moment.

Good Night Market_Unordinary photography exhibition by 10and5

Food for thought indeed. We’ll be following up with the artists behind our favourite works right here on, so look out for more coming up.


4) Acoustic Element’s beat-boxing pop string duet

Possibly our favourite discovery of the night. Cousins Jody Abel & Callen Petersen have been playing together for years, but (luckily for us) recently gave up their day jobs to work together full time on their music as duo Acoustic Element.

Mastering a whole seamlessly linked repertoire of recent pop classics – everything from Hozier’s Take Me To Church and Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know to acoustic instrumental renditions of Ed Sheeran, K$sha & Fun, they were the perfect accompaniment for the evening – Callen on violin and Jody on guitar (with a healthy dose of beat-boxing for added base).

Good Night Market_Acoustic Element

Good Night Market_Acoustic Element Callen Petersen on violin

With a casual air of nonchalant buskers – as if they’d just wandered in off the dock and picked up their instruments off the cuff – these two talented musicians drew quite a crowd on the bleacher stands, thoroughly enjoying every second of their performance. An infectious entertaining vibe that set the tone for the whole evening.


5) Vibrant mixed media artworks from Alda & Bikis

It was the impactful 180 x 90 township scene that first drew DECO into the Thabi Art stand – a piece worth saving for. It was the work of Bikis, who manned the stall for the night – half of the talented artist duo who are Thabi Art, the other being his wife Alda.

Good Night Market_Thabi Art

With stunning scenes of African heritage and contemporary life, like Kilford who we met earlier, they paint purely from creative vision. While Alda specialises in the smaller, more delicately drawn detailed figures, Bikis tends to work on the pieces of scale. Together, their collection is impressive and, for its worth, quite reasonably priced.

They’re still busy getting their website up and running, but you can email Alda and Bikis here if you want any more information on their work.



So enthralled were we with the wares on offer, DECO didn’t even have time to snaffle a snack from the delicious-looking food carts parked outside. Well, there’s our reason for returning next month. Will you come with us? 

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