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It’s one of the boldest décor moves you can make: Putting up wallpaper is a big commitment, adds a focal feature to your home and can be quite a messy expense. Eco-friendly, easy-to-use and sustainable MissPrint, though, has got your walls covered. DECO tells you more…

Wallpaper has seen a resurgence in recent years but for those that are going green this can be problematic with all the toxic glues and PVC coating that comes with installation. Increasingly, designers are finding creative ways of developing eco-friendly wallpaper so you don’t have to worry about toxic fumes filling your home anymore. One such design house is UK-based MissPrint.

Even the subtlest graphic in a home tells a story about who lives there

Using colourful prints inspired by nature, Scandinavian and mid-century illustrations that are defined by simplicity, clean lines and organic forms, MissPrint wallpapers are made with paper from sustainably managed forests (certified by PEFC) and printed with organic inks.

MissPrint wallpaper
Allsorts wallpaper. Images by: Jane Clayton & Company

Nature has a big influence on our work

MissPrint Fern Wallpaper
Fern wallpaper. Images by: MissPrint

This humble studio can be found in the countryside bordering East London. With nature all around, it’s no wonder their designs are inspired by the beauty it has to offer. A simple leaf or flower has many beautiful qualities of line, shape, colour and texture, which can all be seen in their printed wallpaper designs.

MissPrint Foxglove wallpaper Qunice
Foxglove wallpaper quince. Images by: MissPrint

We love making patterns and designs, developing new ideas and seeing them grow

MissPrint woods wallpaper
Woods wallpaper. Images by: MissPrint

Manufactured in the UK, MissPrint supports their local community, and strongly believes in supporting the British manufacturing industry.


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