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Kim van Vuuren is one of our favourite graphic designers at the moment. She is a one-stop-shop for anything creative, from web to branding. On the front line of graphic design, you need to see what she’s got up her sleeve.

Getting to know the girl behind the screen, DECO discovered a fascinating creative whose work is currently the talk of many a town.

Graphic Designer - Kim van Vuuren
Graphic Designer – Kim van Vuure

Do you and your clients ever disagree on design?

To be honest, this doesn’t happen too often as in the past. If you succeed at managing clients and their expectations projects generally run smoothly.

Graphic Designer - Kim van Vuuren
Graphic Designer – Kim van Vuuren

You know when you listen to your favourite song too many times and it starts annoying you? Does this happen with design for you?

This is an issue for me for both music and design! With each project I usually listen to a specific song or album until the job’s complete. On my last job I listened to the new Hessian+ mix at least 5 or 6 times a day for 3 weeks. I sill love it though! When it’s my own design I usually get bored of it quickly, which is sad. Imagine looking through the same magazine over and over and over again. Having said that, I do get excited all over again when my designs go into production or photographed for my portfolio.

How often do you need a break from the screen and have any nasty habits crept in? 

It really depends on the project. When I’m on a tight deadline I usually don’t move for hours until it’s complete. However when I’m busy with everyday work I usually take breaks in the afternoon. I’m a morning person so my day starts at 6:45am. I have a nasty habit of buying too much coffee, and spending too much time in Woolworths or the Wellness Warehouse.
Graphic Designer - Kim van Vuuren
Graphic Designer – Kim van Vuuren

On a scale of 1 – 10, how important is Instagram in the Design game? Who do you follow?

Instagram is a great platform for both self promotion and inspiration. By accurately hash tagging my projects, I am able to grab the attention of people and studios who share the same aesthetics as me. My feed is filled with predominantly agencies, contemporary galleries and small European design studios. I’ve always loved Stefan Sagmeister’s feed, but right now I’m really into Atelier Bingo and Studio SP-GD.

What project are you most proud of?

My proudest piece of work has to be my identity design for Atelier and recently the new identity for The Franschhoek Village Market which is launching soon.

Fellow Graphic Designer you’d like to sing praises to?

I am always in awe of the work that Hanno van Zyl creates. Another great designer is Nicole Dalton, I love her attention to detail and playful aesthetic.
Graphic Designer - Kim van Vuuren
Graphic Designer – Kim van Vuuren


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