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The City of Tshwane in partnership with Alive2Green will be hosting the Green Home Fair at Woodlands Boulevard shopping centre from 4 – 5 June 2016 as part of Sustainability Week 2016.

The Green Home Fair is an active seeking opportunity to develop and accelerate sustainability-oriented projects, where there will be multiple Sustainability Week conferences and seminars at the CSIR ICC. The event will attract thought-after leaders and experts, where sustainability and climate change challenges will be addressed.

Everyone is welcome at the fair with a variety of eco products and service offerings on show. Shoppers will be able to explore a range of innovative ideas making the sustainable lifestyle adoption a whole lot easier, and cheaper too. This will allow families to be part of the race for sustainability by reducing their impact on people and the environment.


Whether you’re an interior decorator with a keen interest in sustainability, a parent concerned about your children’s future, or someone wanting to start your own sustainable veggie garden, or find out what more you can do to boost your recycling efforts, the Green Home Fair is for you,” says Gordon Brown, CEO of Alive2Green, organisers of Sustainability Week 2016.


The Green Home Fair takes place at Woodlands Boulevard Shopping Centre

From 4 – 5 June 2016.


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