Green living seems like a never-ending, uphill battle, but you don’t have to be Al Gore to live a more sustainable lifestyle! DECO has the perfect kick-start plan to help you green your lifestyle. 

Green Living | ELLE Decoration SA


These three words might send any South African into panic, but fear not – it is not as hard as you think.  Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney started the ‘Meat Free Monday’ organisation back in 2009 and have gotten the rest of the world to jump on the bandwagon.  One day without meat might just be what your body needs – so come on, help climate change, save some animals and make your next Monday a meat free one.

Green Living | ELLE Decoration SA


We’re not here to tell you to drink half a gallon of water each day, but having a ‘water-only’ day once a week could make a huge difference. Bottled water is manufactured and shipped all over the globe, it leaves an unsettling carbon footprint behind. So give Mother Nature a day off and use a glass.

Green Living | ELLE Decoration SA


Cycling has become the new fashion among hip, environmentally conscious adults.  Commuting to work or the shops with a bike or even by foot is both health and environmentally conscious.  This means that for one day there will be less pollution, oil and gas use and you will save money.

Green Living | ELLE Decoration SA


Switching the lights off for one day isn’t something us South Africans aren’t use to, but doing it voluntarily might be a bit tougher.  Just think about all the exciting things you can do instead of watching TV the whole night.  When you get home from work; turn the lights off, get some candles out, light up the coals and embrace the company of those around you.

Green Living | ELLE Decoration SA


Everything we eat, drink, smell or touch is filled with chemicals; we recommend a break.  It might be tough to do this everyday, but one day of the week will seem like a breeze.  By going organic for a day, will not only make you feel better and cleaner, but it will reduce your carbon footprint as well.
Green Living | ELLE Decoration SA


Washing machines and tumble-dryers are absolute luxuries.  Where are the days where you had to hand-wash all your clothes and hang them up on the washing line?  Well, you might need get the old bucket out again!  Hand washing (in cold water) your clothes will save a considerable amount of water and electricity, as well as help your delicates stay delicate.

Green Living | ELLE Decoration SA


There is nothing better than a home cooked meal, even better if it is made from local ingredients.  Sundays are made for cooking and being relaxed, so why not get the best ingredients from your local produce shop and prepare a delicious Sunday lunch.  Not only will this help our local businesses, but also reduce your carbon footprint.



Written and Designed by Cherise Minnaar: Having just finished her degree in Visual Communication, Cherise is off to explore her love for interior design.  She believes that happiness comes from living life as simple as it can be.  This small town girl now calls Cape Town her home, but you can still find her in the African bush whenever she gets the chance. See her portfolio here