At the Biscuit Mill on Saturday, I was collared by a charming and enthusiastic guy who had set up an intriguing looking scenario with an Astroturf carpet, deck chairs, and a whole bunch of young trees. He was, he told me, promoting a brand new nonprofit called Greenpop*– an exciting initiative to green the greyer areas of Cape Town this Spring, with the planting of 1000 trees.


The project came about when filmmaker Misha Teasdale decided to offset the carbon emissions he and his crew had clocked up with over 400 000km of air travel last year by planting 1000 trees, and Greenpop* is now campaigning to get sponsors for each tree planted.

Alongside working to achieve the stated aim of planting 1000 trees this spring, Greenpop* also hosts weekly Tree House fun days, where kids from underprivileged communities get to learn about trees on walks in Newlands Forest, paint murals, and generally learn about being Green.


Visit the Greenpop* website to find out more about this great initiative, and help green the dusty Cape Flats by sponsoring a tree .