3 Expert Tricks

1. Use flat paint, not semigloss or high-gloss, on walls. “Otherwise, any beautiful gray you choose will look like industrial metal—imagine a Dumpster,” says Mark Chamberlain, a New York City painter and a color columnist for apartmenttherapy.com. Although flat white wall paint is often avoided because it shows smudges and fingerprints, “gray actually hides flaws.”

2. With gray walls, opt for creamy trim, says Erica Islas, a designer in Culver City, California. Stark white can look too jarring. White Dove paint is a good woodwork choice with both light and dark gray walls (from $41 a gallon, benjaminmoore.com for stores).

3. Introduce lots of light sources, like table lamps, sconces, and floor lamps. Says Jessica Becker, a Rhode Island interior designer: “Gray is already the color of shadow—you don’t want to cast more with an overhead fixture. Layered lighting keeps the room flattering.”

To buy: Revere Pewter HC-172 (similar to shown), from $41 a gallon, benjaminmoore.com for stores.

Sarah Ord Interiors


Plascon Bovine has found a place in our hearts ever since it was recommended by an architect friend. It manages to be the perfect foil for the brighter colours we are known for. See how it transforms this gallery hallway as both back drop and star of the show!

Sarah Ord Interior Design

Pauline is away at the moment. Her favourite grey is Tribecca Corner GR-B10 in the Plascon  Architectural Grey Collection


Nicole Merlo

I love the colour grey in all its shades… from sky greys, to lead, greys with warmer brown undertones to charcoals!

Decorating with grey can be warm or cool, moody and dramatic or bright, light and beautiful …either way,it lends an air of unconventional sophistication.  A caution though, grey can be boring and flat, so one has to choose ones tone with care.

Because it is a neutral – it  blends beautifully with non-colours including black and white, other shades of grey and almonds and creams for a more subtle palette , OR it makes all colours pop – from sorbets to acid tones.
At the moment, I am particularly fond of aubergines, plums, emerald greens

Baby Elephant – Plascon


I am strangely pretty passionate about grey.

When it comes to needing proper grey I default to Dulux “Night Jewels”. It’s the most neutral I’ve found. And grey should be neutral. Otherwise it needs to be called something else.
Night jewels 5 is probably my first choice. In Rich Matt.