Brooklyn-based wallpaper company Grow House Grow has wonderfully narrative back-stories for their wallpaper collections. The Naturalists Collection, for instance, was inspired by the female scientists of the 19th Century whose work has largely fallen through the cracks of history. The three handprinted wallpapers in this collection celebrates their work and their courage in breaking the mold.

The wallpaper entitled Ms Treat is named for Mary Treat (1830-1923), whose love of carnivorous botanicals influenced Darwin’s work. The wallpaper inspired by her work consists of a luscious wall of Pitcher Plants and mischievous Venus Flytraps (and perhaps an ant or two).


Mme. Jeanne is named for Jeanne Villepreux-Power (1794-1871) – a French dressmaker-cum-Sicilian naturalist who invented the world’s first aquarium. Her love of the sea is reflected in this elegant, ascending mollusk scallop design.

See more of these intriguing designs and stories behind them at Grow House Grow.