Elana Castle is a South African architect, photographer and journalist, now based in Sydney, Australia. She’s had the good fortune to live in New York and London, two cities which have greatly inspired her interest in design and travel, and we’re now fortunate to have her guest blogging for us. She’ll be filling us in on the prolific, original and eclectic work of designers and stylists that she comes across in her life and work. Take it away, Elana!


The offices of Happy Corp Global have a wonderfully whimsical office interior, designed by Hayley Eber, a South African who works for NYC design studio EFGH. Undeterred by a restricted time frame and budget, Hayley and her team have come up with a richly whimsical scheme that incorporates a palette of bright and funky materials. For example, magenta stretch spandex has been used as a versatile room divider, transforming the space into a variety of meeting rooms and performance areas.



Chunky, bespoke workstations populate the office and exposed brick walls with custom artwork complete the look. The result – a highly original and playful interior with some very unique touches – pink rubber urinals and translucent plexiglass loo cubicles included!



Photographs: Kelly Shimoda