Lucky us, we’ve two guest posts in a row! This time, we hear from stylist, trend reporter and blogger, Arren Williams, who lives in Toronto, Canada. You’ll catch his work appearing regularly in Canadian House & Home, and when he’s not in front of his laptop tapping away on a project you might find him walking his whippet Spot, or shopping vintage and thrift around town. Take it away, Arren!

It’s not often that I get stopped in my tracks when I’m out and about sourcing for a story, since I’m usually beetling straight ahead, checking things off a mental list as I find them. So I was happily gobsmacked the other day in the midst of Urban Outfitters while I was heading to the cash laden down with Alice in Wonderland glassware. The thing that caught my eye, and made me put down the glasses, was UO’s Dollhouse Chairs jewellery stand.

Dollhouse Chairs Stand Urban Outfitters 1

Though when I picked it up all I thought of was cool! and where could I fit it in with all my other collectibles? In fact, I had no idea it was a jewellery stand until I made it home – visions of piled up miniature chairs dancing in my head – and did a bit of research online to track it down. So yep, I definitely have a spot for it, though in my house I don’t think I’ll be dangling any earrings off it, I think it’s lovely as is.
Dollhouse Chairs Stand Urban Outfitters 2 Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse into your world and the things you like, Arren. Keep an eye on what else catches the eye of Arren Williams at his blog.


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