Today, we are thrilled to introduce to you our guest blogger,the lovely Monya Eastman.  Monya is one of those wonderful people who gets stuff done. You know that side table that you have in your mind’s eye but can never find in the shops, or that mud rack… Monya makes dreams come true.She is the ticket to turning your house into the space it is supposed to be.

She comes to your home and measures out your space. Then you talk ideas and types of wood, which turns into a drawing and finally a made to measure piece of furniture. You can also order items from her existing range,which will be made to your specifications and wood preference.

Things aren’t always as complicated and hard to achieve as they sometimes seem. Here at DECO we are great advocates of DIY and using what you have around you to (re)create beauty.Over to you Monya.

My favourite DIY projects are the low-input-high-yield types that make use of things I already have lying around at home. This particular one is great because it adds some greenery to your home and empties out the recycling cupboard.

a couple of glass jars in various shapes and sizes – they don’t have to be fancy, can be mason jars, jam jars, empty bottles etc.

A sharp pair of secateurs

and a foray into your garden

I snipped a few stems from succulents I have growing in pots, it seems like a never-ending supply!

Arrange the glass jars on a table or dark corner in your home that needs some sprucing up.

Fill with water and plop in your selection of cuttings.

The great thing about succulents is that they will soon sprout roots, and once that happens you can either leave them in the jar (just change the water every 5 days) or re-plant them into a pot.


Monya Eastman

Phone: 082 3722 111