One lucky Elle Decoration reader will win a Source Wire Chair by design heavy weight Haldane Martin valued at R3 345 courtesy of Leon at CCXIX in the colour of your choice!

Renowned furniture designer Haldane Martin, known for his high-concept furniture has developed some of South Africa’s most iconic furniture.  His Shongololo sofa and Zulu Mama chair have become synonymous with South African design.  Working along side high-quality furniture producer Leon at CCXIX, the possibilities are endless.

In the latest #GreenIssue our Get the Look spread on page 134 and 135 is filled with tricks and tips to add an Afrocentric twist to your home for an inviting, cross-cultural experience. As all great collaborations go, the Leon at CCXIX and Haldane Martin are sponsoring the perfect modern wire chair that will add an eclectic element to any space. Are you feeling lucky…?


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Courtesy of Leon at CCXIX.

Leon at CCXIX

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  1. I am truly Eco-conscious and in my home
    we use reusable water bottle, a couple grocery totes, a few cloth bags and reusable jars and bottles.
    I get my 5Rs right: Refuse what i don’t need, Reduce what i do need, Reuse what i consume, Recycle what i cannot Refuse, Reduce or Reuse, and Rot (Compost) the rest.

    That is me…and my family

  2. Once I have read magazines I pass them onto to family . I don’t let food go to waste. I feed it to the birds

  3. Upcycling! I’m obsessed with creating new arts and crafts with waste material.
    I’ve also got my own veggie garden going, which is such a win

  4. My husband and I aim to reduce our carbon footprint by recycling our waste (thanks to OpenSky!), compost any leftover foodstuffs (thanks to our Bokashi composter!) and by simply buying less and not give in to the demands of consumerism! Every bit helps… 😉

  5. My wife has a backyard garden in which she plants all kinds of vegetables. We do not use paper anymore on our printer just using electronic mail. We also use recycled material for all our endevours!

  6. Got a water tank to catch up rain water to use for watering the garden. I have seperate bins for plastics, foods and paper. All paper, magazines and newspapers are donated to the school for recycling. Food/peels are used to make compost and plastics are placed in nearby recycle bin.

  7. I recycle as much as possible. Egg shells go into the garden {keep snails & slugs away too}.
    I plant tomato seeds and never have to buy tomatoes for at least 6 months plus I give the neighbours!

  8. I work for a law firm specialising in environmental law. I believe in upcycling waste, treading lightly through life, contributing to the earth community and educating people on the importance of the environment to human health and wellbeing.

  9. Living Green is Very important in my house. We recycle Plastic, Glass, Paper and make our own compost. Any Appliances, old clothing, toys basically anything useful I donate to Charity. I love DIY and will upcycle anything I can.

  10. Guys can also live green you know. This macho man loves his steak medium rare but has chosen to adopt a Meat-Free Monday’s and Thursdays which I believe will make a difference to Mother Earth and my waistline too:) I have also bought a Jo-Jo Tank were the water collected is used to water the garden and wash my Chev Camaro:) Talking about muscle cars, I ride my bicycle to work twice a week which has reduced my carbon footprint and saved me some moola in the process.And last but not least, I am now hooked on Organic skincare which is making my skin glow and is not putting too much of a strain on the environment. Not too shabby hey?

    P.S I follow Elle Decoration & Leon on twitter(@naeemshahid67) and I would LOVE to win:)

  11. I have embraced ‘green’ living & recycling for some considerable time. Recycle paper
    plastic and glass and make my own compost as well as having a worm farm. Plant veggies with companion plants chillies adjacent so that I do not have to use any type of pesticide. I walk everywhere that I possibly can. As a vegetarain I do not eat meat for ethical reasons! I always cloth bags instead of plastic bags and have a reuseable glass bottle for water. Things that are no longer useful to me I donate to the SPCA and Animal Anti-Cruelty League

  12. We cook vegetables that we grow from our own garden, recycle all paper and plastics and very water conscious. All that is aimed at trying to reduce our carbon footprint as much as we possibly can.

  13. After some major revelations regarding the industrialization of the meat industry I decide to pursue a plant based diet, I cannot consciously continue to support and industry that bases it’s products on cruelty. Started my own vegetable garden, harvesting Swiss chard, butter lettuce and rocket straight from garden to plate. I also support organic living, recycle my waste, refuse single use plastics like straws, balloons and utensils. I make a concerted effort not to buy products with excess packaging, minimizing my impact on our precious Mother earth.

    It starts with a simple things, don’t let it overwhelm you, one conscious decision at time folks, together we can be the change we want to see in the world. Bless

  14. Just bought a house and going to attempt to renovate primarily through upcycling. Currently it’s an empty studio that needs a miracle. A chair would help!

  15. You name it and we’ve “greened-it”! A solar geyser, recycling almost everything, compost heap, walk instead of drive, bucket to collect water when we shower (a little extreme, but hey-ho), only use LED globes (but we just use one lamp at a time), cook on gas…

  16. Living green is not for the faint hearted, it can end up costing a lot of money BUT in the long run you have improved your life and the lives of those around you who share in your space.

    I live green by doing the small things, bad water to water plans, recycling plastic and waste, switching of wall units and planting trees at my flat complex and taking out those trees that do not belong in SA and use up to much water. I get water from Spring road in Claremont to as well minimize waste. Everyday there is something I can do to improve and make a difference. TO me the most important thing is to educate friends and colleagues to do the same and love a greener life. =)

  17. I use solar lamps in my garden and home to avoid using electricity and switch off my geyser in the morning when I leave home and then switch it back on when I arrive home in the evening. I also walk my dog when getting bread instead of the using the car.

  18. I am living greener by recycling all household grey water for plants, planting my own vegetables & using the “planting by the moon” calendar to do so. I have a wormery and a compost heap and I dispose of glass and plastic into seperate bins for recycling.

  19. I use my plastic bag over and over and always take the old bag with me to use. I don’t use paper towels but use re-usable washable clothes. Have a 5 liter drum where the water from the roof goes into that i throw over the lawn.

  20. Take my own re-usable bags when doing shopping .I don’t use paper towels, but have clothes that i use over and over. The water from the washing machine goes onto the lawn.

  21. How I live Green…

    I’m an Interior Architect with a passion for both people and the environment. I believe this is key to living, breathing and working green as the two go hand in hand. It’s starts small in the home but I have been able to apply this knowledge into my work through various projects. An example if one of them is the Department of Environmental Affairs in Pretoria. My ultimate goal is to through design teach people to live anf work more sustainably in small ways be it placing recycling bins in an office environment , harvesting rainwater for the building or specifying local and green materials as far as possible. By living green essentially we should be creating an awareness for future generations and communities. Hence I try live and work green.

  22. We recycle as much as we can, make sure all of the appliances we are not using are either unplugged or switched off at the wall, and that there are no lights on in any rooms that are unoccupied. 🙂

  23. Just loving it! Living green by having an annual recycle fashion show with my art and technology learners. Been a difficult one as learners in high school forgot the basics of recycling. I’m forever going to our school recycling spot and grabbing boxes for filing, containers for washing brushes in and cool drink bottles to make led lamps for school projects. It’s wonderful and I hope one day the learners might become someone like Haldane.

  24. Recycling household waste (lets face it there is allot of wine being consumed), by switching off geyser during day and when away, refusing to drink bottled water (all those plastic bottled being produced – the horror), lift share to work, eco cycle on washing machine, washing machine and shower water used in garden, take own bags when shopping, eating only free range (haven’t gone as far to give up meat). And subsequently after reading Berny’s comment my egg shells will be going in to my garden. Bloody hate snails and slugs!

  25. I’ve had my own herb and veggie garden going for a couple of years now and it’s absolutely fantastic to be able to have freshly picked ingredients in our dinner every night. My 2 year old daughter also helps out with the gardening which is quite rewarding.

  26. I’ve set up a little recycling corner in my classroom and taught the kids all about saving our planet and making a difference. They love it! 🙂

  27. Paperless billing, low energy bulbs, reusing plastic bags – whilst reusing and recycling as much as possible – from upcycling projects with furniture,to donating books, magazines and used paper to be re-used/ resold locally at craft fairs for paper art projects, turned into Christmas decorations made from used books & folder paper. Re-using and using less energy is key to being green.

  28. i plant my own veggies re-use re-duce and re-cycle every thing from plastic paper wood box and cans and live GREEN

  29. Hubby and I enjoy taking showers instead of baths – especially taking showers together #wink, we use energy-saving bulbs & never leave lights on in rooms we are not in/occupying and we switch off the geyser during the day – saves us a lot!

  30. I’m living green in quite a few ways. I reuse and recycle, make sure that products I purchase are sustainable, and I’m one of the people behind a big up-and-coming green lifestyle website which allows me to make more and more people aware of what is going on with our planet and how they can contribute.

  31. I’m attempting to be “greener” by reusing water from the bath/shower and washing dishes to water my plants and by doing some recycling.

  32. Living Green with my Man means sharing the bath in the morning, letting the overflow water the herbs he is growing & enjoying them in our summer salads whilst dinning under the stars in the courtyard. Then letting the dishes pile up for a day or 2 (as it’s only the 2 of us) before filling the kitchen sink to wash them.

  33. We are currently building and doing a lot of green thinking solar panels are first on our list. 2nd is a jojo tank. With the water crisis at the moment we need to save every drop. We also getting a compost bin to use our veg and fruit peels for something better. Also the estate we building in is very pro recycling so that helps us a lot

  34. We are living the ultimate green life – we are totally off the grid, independent of all council services.
    Our house is constructed of 11 converted shipping containers, we have a roof full of PV panels, a bank of batteries to keep us going should there be no sun for 3 or 4 days. Our water is from a borehole and we have a system to deal with grey and black water.
    We are setting up a greenhouse to do aquaponics – growing veggies in water, that is suitably nourished from the fish living in it.
    Our eggs come from our own free range chickens, our red wine from our own shiraz vineyard.
    To top it off, my husband is in the process of purchasing an electric motorbike.
    Ticks just about all the boxes!

  35. I make my own compost by using all my vegetable Peels and fruit peels and egg shells, i also have my own vegetable garden

  36. Like many others, we also do our bit to recycle, but our SPECIAL insterest and PASSION is rainwaterharvesting! We filter the water 3 times, and we use it for almost everything – from flushing the toilet, to washing our clothes. Any overflow water from our tank lands up in a cast iron bath in the garden which we then use to water our veggies. They love the fresh water, and so do we! And our water bill averages R28 !

  37. Following…I am trying to live green by collecting as many console solar jars and that has made a huge difference to my electricity bill as well….this chair will look amazing with all the solar jars hanging around.

  38. We use solar heating panels, Solar consol jars for outsrecycle paper, plastic and bottles, use grey water on lawn, turn off geysers during the day, make our own compost, grow our own veggies.

  39. We use our fish pond water to water our pot plants the water contains natural nutrients so no chemicals are ever used

  40. iam growing my own veggies and also taking my own bags when i go shopping, and i recycle my paper and bottles

  41. I live in a small apartment block. We’re careful to not be wasteful and to use the space we have wisely. Our balcony space contains a small edible garden, lettuce has a terrible carbon footprint considering it’s not a nutrient dense food. We’ve been using a bokashi composter for our kitchen waste which we then feed the plants with, so there is a happy cycle from kitchen to garden. We also leave a few plants to go to seed as it makes for happy bees and other insects.

  42. After a month visit to Slovakia/UK ive totally changed my doing/thinking – we are totally recycling now! Normal rubbish in a bin, food leftovers in one containter and all paper, bottles,etc in another…. Im already feeling so much ‘lighter’

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