Your work space is the place where you spend most of your day so it should be an inspiring zone. From standing desks to private cubicles, your options appear endless when it comes to the spacial functionality, but a lot of the time the aesthetic is rather limiting, masculine and corporate. Leave it to Haldane Martin to find a solution to this predicament…

What originally started as conceptualising a new look for skincare brand Environ, Haldane Martin challenged the typical office look and designed an all new design system called the Soft Office Furniture Range.

The design also spreads the point load of the leg onto the surface of the table top, eliminating the need for a bracket and framework and creating a clean, sophisticated finish.

Inspired by the femininity and softness of the Environ brand, this new design system combines design relevance with office functionality. The furniture range is made of only raw woods and draws on soft, visually elegant forms: rounded rectangles that are spatially efficient, felt screens shaped in soft forms to add an element of privacy and legs in a conic curve.

Clients also have the opportunity to customise their desk according to their needs by using different fabrics and finishes.

The back and sides of the desks are slightly raised as to avoid any stationary rolling off, and a clever cable management system which makes use of a glove routed through the desk with a felt cable access lid, allowing all plugs to go in to the desk to avoid clutter.

The Soft Office desking system was so successful for Environ, that premium furniture manufacturers, Ergoform will be including it in to their collection as a market-ready office furniture range that will be available to buyers all over the globe.


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