Hard on the heels of the fairytale Hästens fashion show in Cape Town earlier this month, our ELLE DECORATION stylist Hendrik Coetzee found a picture book in which a teensy little mouse is seen sleeping in an equally teensy little Hästens bed.

We love mini-things. Especially if they happen to be Hästens.

We’re more than a little taken with these stunning Swedish handmade beds. On a recent trip to Sweden, stylist Hendrik scoped out the factory and saw what it is that makes these the world’s most wanted beds.

View of the main factory where all Hästens beds are crafted by skilled bed makers. Only natural materials are used in Hästens beds; horsehair (once upon a time, these mattress makers were saddle makers), flax, cotton, wool… all nestled in a pine wooden frame. The natural materials make it a “breathing bed” which controls the temperature while you sleep.

The washed horse hair before it is weighed. The layers of a top mattress and crafters sorting and checking that each layer of the mattress is perfectly even. Lots of layering ensures that once you’re snuggled up, you don’t feel any pressure points.

Hand crafting the top side of a mattress. This woman was amazing! Meticulous work, stitch by stitch. She’s been doing this for years.

The Hästens Jubilea bed that was launched to celebrate the 160 year anniversary of the companyy. Leather detail is used to honour the saddle making heritage of the family owned business, now in its 5th generation.

Happy birthday Hästens!

Some of the first Hästens bedmakers.

Mejuffroun Muis en Haar Lieflike Huis by Elle van Lieshout and Erik van Os

Illustrations by: Marije Tolman, Translated from Netherlands in Afrikaans by Philip de Vos, Publisher: Protea Boekhuis