Gaggenau CX 480 induction cooktop

Synonymous with exclusive culinary culture, Gaggenau has been the pioneering brand for home appliances for more than 300 years and the leading innovator in technology and design. 

We spoke to Brand Manager Tarnia Masterson about what’s trending in kitchens and found out more about this flawless brand.

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Seamless finishings with Gaggenau

Gaggenau is a German-engineered brand which focuses on the essential and its distinct quality rises above trends. Traditionally, Gaggenau has always been one step ahead, even when it comes to kitchen sophistication. Their innovative and revolutionary appliances include the glass ceramic cook top, the Combi-steam oven for private kitchens, not to mention the full surface induction cook top CX480.

Tell us more about the full surface induction cooktop… why is it so revolutionary?
Cookware, heating, safety and energy efficiency are all taken care of with Gaggenau’s new full surface induction cooktop, a highlight of the company’s 2014 innovations. All you have to do is buy the ingredients!

The most fascinating aspect of this innovation is that the CX480 recognises the presence of a pot or pan automatically and heat is only generated where the cookware is detected. If the pot needs to be moved, the cooktop automatically registers its new position and carries on its initial heating at the same temperature. The cooktop also features an intuitive extra large TFT colour touch display.

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Gaggenau’s new full surface induction cooktop


What is the hype about TFT touch display?
For those who are not so technically informed, TFT stands for thin-film transistor and is the technology needed for touch screens. The control module of the Gaggenau ovens, microwaves and combi-steam ovens are designed for clear and intuitive operation and replace the conventional control panel – so no more visible switches and buttons.

We have heard about your 200 and 400 series, what defines them?
With the Gaggenau 200 series, the home owner is able to select from clear straight lines and have an option of a flush installation that fits discreetly into any high grade interior.

The 400 series features a striking sculptural design. This series uncompromisingly brings modern professional technology into the home. The sleek design of the Gaggenau oven 400 series also includes “handle-less” doors. This means the doors open automatically when you touch the corresponding field on the new TFT touch display. Their dishwashers also have a push-to-open system; they automatically open by lightly pushing the door.

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Meet the Gaggenau 400 series

Why is Gaggenau so passionate about kitchens?
Kitchens are no longer individual areas. In many new homes they now form an integral part of the general living area. We are therefore focused on using authentic materials and precision crafting that emphasizes expressive design to create a fascinating presence in the room.


The difference is Gaggenau.
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