With winter drawing nearer and the colder weather persuading us to spend more time indoors, we’ve become more focused on creating warm and cosy interiors that feel friendly and inviting! And after searching through countless materials that make interiors homelier and more hospitable, we were rather taken by the relaxed and welcoming look and feel of exposed face brick. So much so that we had to share our favourite exposed brick interiors with you.

Take a look at these 3 beautiful designs from Corobrik for some indoor inspiration.

Radient Reds:

The vivid reds used in this design not only create a bright and cheerful atmosphere, but also work well to complement the fiery red undertones seen in the exposed face brick walls. The double volume height in this lounge is also further accentuated by the expanse of the brick wall, creating a warm focal point.

Get the look: We recommend using Corobrik’s Roan Satin Face Brick to replicate this design.

The Natural Beauty Of Exposed Face Brick:

This design captures the simple and effortless beauty that comes from mixing natural materials like wood and face brick together. The wooden finishes and the clay face brick also add visual interest to this room through a charming contrast of smooth and rough texture. We love how the face brick has been strategically used to break up the space and seamlessly connect the inside and outside of the home.

Get the look: We recommend using Corobrik’s Redwood Satin Face Brick

A Dreamy Dining Area:

Sometimes sophistication lies in the subtlety of one’s surrounds. Subtle touches like the red dining room carpet and the black aluminium window frames work together to bring out the lively red shades seen in the exposed face brick areas of this living space.

Get the look: We recommend using Corobrik’s Redwood Satin Face Brick

If you like the look of exposed face brick as much as we do and you’d like to incorporate this fantastic material into your interior designs, then be sure to explore Corobrik’s colourful range of clay face brick.

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